Our Skill Makes a Difference

A root canal is necessary when the nerve in a tooth has become inflamed, damaged or infected. The root canals of the tooth are cleaned out and filled to prevent further infection. Contrary to popular opinion – with the advanced equipment and training the procedure feels similar in discomfort levels to having a filling, in some cases we have patients fall asleep during the procedure!

A root canal typically involves two or more surgery visits. During the first, a rubber dam in placed to isolate the tooth, the infected pulp is removed and abscess, if present, is drained. The root canal is cleaned, shaped with special nickel titanium files, irrigated with bleach and a temporary filling is placed. At a later visit, the tooth is filled with a rubberized material and sealed. A crown WILL be required after to protect the tooth from fracturing afterwards. This is a complex treatment with a very good success rate of approximately 90% over 5 years.

A tooth that has had a root canal can be treated the same as any other tooth. Regular check-ups are key, as is daily excellent cleaning.

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