An Exciting Option

Fresh Dental is proud to offer Clear Aligners, an exciting new orthodontic option. A great solution for crowding or protrusion of front teeth, it is quick, safe and economical.

What It Is

Clear Aligners are removable, “invisible” braces that guides front teeth into an ideal position within a matter of weeks/months. They are used as a definitive treatment or prior to cosmetic treatments like minimal veneers.

How It Works

Clear Aligner treatment consists of a number of aligners; impressions are taken with either trays or a scanner in the surgery. The aligners are custom made in a lab and are then fitted. Small stripping of the teeth taken place to provide space for the teeth to move; the aligners are usually changed every 2 weeks. The length of time of treatment will depend on the amount of movement required and the number of aligners made. You will need to have small attachments placed on the teeth with are made of small white filling material.

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